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October 12, 2016

Welcome to our new website. We hope you find it helpful in understanding our services, but also to learn about our approach and commitment to providing all aspects of our services to client companies, potential candidates or those seeking advice.

While many things have evolved in the area of Human Resources and Talent Management over the past three decades that I have been in the business - one thing has stayed the same. We are in the “people” business. This may seem obvious to many, however, I constantly hear about how technology has influenced our business. In fact at one time, not long ago, many thought that technology would replace recruiters in many situations. Whether through sites like LinkedIn, or simply the enormous amount of information available to everyone on companies and candidates alike. While it is true that LinkedIn and other sites have provided quicker access to information about both companies and potential candidates, it is now becoming clear that how this information is strategically utilized and how conversations are cultivated remains integral and critical to successfully attracting and retaining key talent.

The reliance on technology alone in talent management is a mistake. Interestingly, many newer to the business of recruiting either internally or externally are not trained or comfortable in the simple tasks of building rapport or conversing personally with people.
With more people open to change than have been in the past 10 years, companies and recruiters need to determine how they will vie for the time of those they are interested in.

So consider this: What is your reliance on technology versus your strategy for developing your style or your touch-point?

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